Giving Back Recipients

The success of St-Labre 200 will allow the event to sponsor the following community applicants:

No Limits for Girls in Trades Day

In partnership with the Red River Technical Vocational Area & Community Futures Triple R

St-Labre 200 sponsored the 2nd annual  No Limits for Girls in Trades Day which was held on March 7th at Shevchencko School in Vita.

Grade 8 girls from three school divisions including Red River Valley, Border Land, and Division Scolaire Franco-Manitobaine participated in the day.

The goal to:
• Introduce girls to non-traditional career choices including hands on activities.
• Introduce attendees to women actively engaged in a variety of trade occupations.
• Promote the importance of career awareness and participation.
• Develop an awareness of the importance of course choices at the high school level.




Steinbach Sunset Riders 4-H

Newly formed equine 4-h club with 45 members from ages 7-21. Sunset Riders offers a 4-H program out of Cloud 9 ranch. They seek to connect youth with agriculture and teach them valuable life skills such as public speaking, working as part of a group and how organizations function. Through monthly meeting they explore all aspects of equine agriculture – how to care for your horse, how to identify problems and how to ride.


St-Labre 200 will contribute to a fund dedicated in bring a speaker each month to share hands on insight into equine related issues. Past examples:

• A feed rep came to share proper feeding techniques. Introduce girls to non-traditional career choices including hands on activities.
• A vet came to share how to identify health issues with your horse.

First Steps Wellness Centre

First Steps Wellness Centre (FSWC) is a non-profit organization. They provide leading edge exercise based therapy to people with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and Multiple Sclerosis as well as to other neuromuscular disorders such as Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Programs are custom-designed using the latest research and equipment for exercise based recovery methods.


Their goal is to improve the quality of life of people who have suffered neuro-muscular trauma or who have neuromuscular conditions. Improved overall health, independence, and quality of life are all part of the organizational mission statement. They believe in recognizing potential, not limits.

FSWC sets up programs that exercise the entire body including below the level of injury. Exercise below the level of injury is important because of the body’s ability to bypass the injury or produce new pathways through neuro-plasticity. As the mechanics of neuro-plasticity continue to be studied, FSWC customizes exercise programs that stimulate the body to regrow nerves and to promote neuro-plasticity. The net: people with spinal cord injuries can see functional gains in their conditions. To date, 94% of our clients have been able to make functional gains resulting in increased independence and quality of life.

Les Chouettes de Lorettes


Les Chouettes de Lorette are a Francophone childcare service located in the town of Lorette Mb. They have been in operation as a nursery school program since 1994 and then in 2008 they expanded their services to accommodate an infant program (4), a preschool program (30), and a school age program (30). Most of their clients are from Lorette, however, they also serve various surrounding communities, such as, Ste-Anne, Landmark, and Ile des Chenes

They offer quality care to all children in our center and we thrive on continuing to offer good programming for our children. We strive on assuring that all children accelerate and succeed in their development at their own rhythm and we continuously offer support to promote that. St-Labre 200 will contribute towards their summer programming.

Small Town Kids Daycare Inc

Mom’s working together towards the common goal of opening up a day care in Rosenort, MB.  These moms discovered the need when starting to ask around about daycare.  After conducting a survey it was very clear that:

  • that a good amount of moms had to quit their job as they couldn’t find reliable childcare in town, and
  • other moms are commuting to surrounding communities to get their children int childcare.

A building has been secured in the town of Rosenort that will need extensive renovations.

The impact of this project the the town will be that families who have parents who work and live in town, won’t have to commute to a surrounding town to receive reliable childcare and parents commuting to our town can have their children in daycare in the same town they work. Our community is constantly growing. This will also add available jobs to the community.

St-Labre 200 will contribute to this project.

About Giving Back to the Community

Since the inception of St-Labre 200.  The event has been able to provide over $100 000 in financial contributions to surrounding communities.

They have also provided

  • Services by mentoring students in different school divisions by participating in trades programs
  • Use of their tents within the local community
  • Free use of their balloon bouncers for events at surrounding communities
  • Participated in many community parades

2019 Applications are now closed.

Everyone is welcome to apply for funds that will help an individual, organization and/or community.

To be eligible you must apply online between March 1st – 31st, 2020.

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