St. Labre 200 Rules


Rules are subject to change as the year progresses. 2017-Rules-StLabre200 View Material List Sign the Waiver


Wreckage Wrecking Southern Manitoba’s audible abilities since 1990. Cranking out Rock and Metal hits, some of which you may have never even heard before. Veterans of performing Live, band members are also experienced studio recording artists. Collectively, the guys have opened for: Judas Priest, Poison, RATT, Skid Row, Dokken, Warrant, Night Ranger, LA Guns, Firehouse, […]

Food Competition – Brownie-Off

Once again Saint Labre 200 will be holding a food competition. This year, it is with great pleasure that we announce a Brownie-off. As defined, a brownie is a small square chocolate cake. With such a simple definition it is time to bring out the most creative or simply just the most simple yet best […]

Material Distribution


The following attachment lists all the material that will be given to each team 24 hours prior to qualifying time. There are two categories of material: Mandatory and Optional. All mandatory parts must be installed and working as intended by the committee. If you are not sure what the intention of a certain mandatory part […]

Muddy ol' time!

St. Labre 200 Race

St-Labre 200 is a 200 lap 1/4 mile dirt track race in St-Labre Manitoba.   This is a one of a kind event where the race vehicles don’t even exist a day before the start of the race. Teams are challenged to build a vehicle within 30 hours with whatever materials they want.   All teams are […]

Smiling from ear to ear at the St-Labre 200!

About Event

St-Labre 200 Inc. is so unique and original, that we dare say it’s the only event of it’s kind in Canada. Day 1 – We Build Day 2 – We Race The St-Labre 200 Inc. requires 16 teams to build their own go-karts within 24 hours. Using supplied materials, teams are challenged to build go-karts […]