Hard at work

The track has been measured and will be groomed to the new expanded location.
Thank you to all the sponsors who are helping us with the major expansion.

Support us

  1. Purchasing Raffle Tickets – All proceeds go to Giving Back to the Community Recipients
  2. Volunteer – Gain experience, meet some new people, help out any weekend prior or during the event
    • Join us on all Saturdays prior to the event at 10 am
  3. Sponsor – Get seen, support the event, and the community
  4. Attend our Launch – June 19th Lunch BBQ @ Solomon’s Furniture parking lot

What's New?

  1. Canteen upgrade
  2. The Revolving Doors – Ready to take care of Business
  3. Track Designed

Join us June 19th at the Solomons Furniture Parking lot for the launch of the St-Labre 200 where the Giving Back to the Community recipients will compete against each other.

Canteen Upgrade

Thank you to the hard working crew who built the Querel Trailer Canteen over the past weekend.  Finishing touches coming in the next weekends.
Join us on Saturdays at 10 am.

Track Designed

Talbot and Associates Speedway and its new 1/4 Mile Track has been designed for spectator and driver safety.  Spectators will have a great view of the whole track along the straightway.
Media tower will be along the Beaver Bus Lines Penalty Box with a great view of the Basar Pit Lane.

Join us in building the track or wiring the pits Saturdays at 10 am.

St-Labre 200 Launch

Come meet the Giving Back to the Community recipients and then cheer them on as they compete against each other in various go-kart competitions.

June 19th – Lunch and Launch
Solomon’s Furniture Parking Lot