2019 Teams flood the system

With an overwhelming response and few technical glitches.  Registration into the St-Labre 200 opened and closed within 2 hours.

Welcome to the following 20 teams:   (Profiles coming soon)

  1. Basar
  2. Fud Muckers
  3. Talbot And Associates
  4. Ben R Auto
  5. Level Welding
  6. Let er Rip
  7. Mazer Rubbernecks
  8. Eh Team
  9. Metalmaster
  10. Demon Racing
  11. Optimal Dairy
  12. Thibaultville Thunder
  13. Bad Luck
  14. Lightning McQueen
  15. In the Pits
  16. Moonshadow Busters
  17. Retork
  18. Marchand West Loose Chains
  19. Tetrault Wealth Peelers
  20. Mandako

Once all payments have been received each team will receive a team profile form to fill out to help recognized the individuals, companies, and regions of each team.   Color selection, Pit Selection will be coming soon too.

If you are interested in being part of the race next year please email us at register@stlabre200.ca to show your interest.

This will help us in planning for the future.