What to expect and how to plan

The St-Labre 200 gathers many people from different regions to laugh, share, and enjoy some good racing fun.

You can expect to meet many new people and feel welcomed into the St-Labre 200 family.   The small community atmosphere is great.   Many people come and share there talents or play different games throughout the weekend don’t be afraid to share your talents too.

Take the opportunity to go see the teams and their carts themselves and see the all the work that goes into these vehicles.

Slam Dunk

Try out the mega Bouncer from JJ Sports Bounce while the kids play in the kids tent with their own bouncers.

Don’t forget to enter in the excavator rodeo where you will be challenged to do precise maneuvers with a small excavator.

Swing by the petting farm with the family and get to know some of their animals.

Try out the Bubble Ball Soccer sponsored by River City Bubble Ball.

This event is only possible because of the many hours the committee along and dedicated volunteers put into the event.   If your interested in helping out throughout the weekend feel free to approach one of our volunteers and they will be glad to point you to our volunteer coordinator.

To make your St-Labre 200 a great experience for you and your family here is a checklist of things to bring:

-Admission is free but we challenge everyone to “Be a fan and Bring a Can” with proceeds going to Steinbach Helping Hands”
-Bring your Birthday Cake for the  Bake-Off
-Lawn Chairs
-Sun Screen
-Umbrella or Sun shade
-Noise makers
-Cash(Unfortunately we do not have a debit machine) The nearest ATM will be at the Marchand Hotel.
-No booze is sold on site.  The nearest vendors are Woodridge Vintage Store and Marchand Inn.
-Remember there is an opportunity for all to participate in the Calcutta during the Day Saturday at $10 a share.
-A fully stocked Canteen and Food Trucks will be available on site.
-Bathing Suit for the on Site semi private showers
-Bring a change of Clothes