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Raised and

Given Back to the Community

Apply by March 31st, 2020

School presentations


Who can apply?

Everyone is welcome to apply for funds that will help an individual, organization and/or community.

What can I apply for?

You can apply for whatever need that is required. It can be one or many things.

What are the criterias?

You must apply by March 31st, explain clearly the need and/or project, the amount required and tell us the positive impact to the individual or community.

The donation we received from St-Labre 200 helped grow and beautify our outdoor yard space. Our daycare children can now play in safety and fun. A big thank you to St-Labre 200 for what they have done for us and other charities.
Andrée Remillard
Directrice de Les P'tits Brisous
L’argent que nous avons reçu du St-Labre 200 nous a permis d’agrandir notre espace extérieur et de L’embellir pour que nos enfants puissent y jouir pleinement. Un gros merci au St Labre 200 pour tout ce qu’ils ont fait pour nous et tous les autres charités.
Andrée Remillard
Directrice de Les P'tits Brisous


Teaching the Future

Creating a fun hands on learning environment that gives youth a taste of different trades.

Instilling Confidence

Discuss, design, build, paint, drive and evaluate. Seeing a project through from start to finish, built by their own hands is priceless.

Recognizing Students

Discover and recognize the talents hidden in each student and encourage them to continue to plan and work hard in school towards there future carreers.