100 Lap Heats

100 Lap Finals

Alumni Madness

3 Lap Races

Relive the glory days with carts of the past.

Alumni Madness Registration opens June 5th at noon and closes on (Just got extended to) July 5th at Noon. Max 32 Teams.

32 Team Playoff Bracket

Winners keep racing, losers are out.

The Rules

The Kit

Getting ready to distribute the kits to each team

Kits are distributed by heats on Build Day – July 5th.

  • 9 am Heat 1 – Build off begins
  • 11 am Heat 2 – Build off begins

The kits include all of the parts listed below.

Parts are split into two categories: Mandatory and Optional.

Mandatory parts must be installed on the go-kart for its intended use.

Optional parts are there to help you build your go-kart but don’t have to be used.

All go-karts will essentially have the same motor size and gear ratio (transfer of power to the wheels) to pass certification.

Framing material is NOT included in the kit and is completely provided by teams.

Parts list is subject to change as per availability of

IDQty per cartItem descriptionMandatoryOptional
91756051*NEW* Honda GX200X
1111543" x 3/8" boltX
1111342 1/2" x 3/8" boltX
3702443/8" lock nutX
3300783/8" Flat WasherX
8172769110 to 20 Amp On/Off Toggle Switch - Kill SwitchX
88272220.225 pc 16-14 gauge #6 Ring TerminalsX
88268100.1100' 16 Gauge Wire BlackX
87384940.510' ASA 40-1R ChainX
TT506 4TS A413/5.00-6 Turf TireX
85/16" fine thread tapered nuts (Used to hold rim to hub)X
MWR 64DM26 x 3.25" 3 pc Split Rim 4 on 2-13/16" B.C.X
TTT506I213 x 5.00-6 Tube TR-13X
125/16" x 3/4" Bolt fine thread (To join split rim)X
125/16" Nut fine thread (To join split rim)X
125/16" Lock Washer (To join split rim)X
MWH 45123" Centred Hub 1" Bore 1/4" Keyway 4 0n 2-13/16" BCX
MWW DC63C34BB26 x 3.25 1 Piece Integral Hub RimX
TTTR4122Tubless Valve (Snap In) .453" H0le x 1" LongX
1133232Bolt 5/8" x 5"X
11370362Lock Nut 5/8"X
9605845/8" Flat WasherX
807527711/4" x 12" of Key StockX
807976611" x 4' Keyed ShaftX
87419850.54 Connecting Links #40X
87385690.54 Offset Links #40X
3844099160 Tooth #40 Weld On SprocketX
384535111" Weld Hub - X SeriesX
387005221" - Pillow BearingX
1121341/2" x 2 1/2" BoltX
3703041/2" Lock NutX
113308641/2" Flat WasherX
86760091Centrifugal Clutch 10 Tooth #40/41X
47601611Caliper BrakeX
47601791Caliper Disc 1 hubX
47600021Caliper Mounting BracketX
88249480.2100' x 1/8" Aircraft CableX
024-5628-82Throttle/Brake Return SpringsX
84204160.2100Pc. Zip tiesX
4Cart Number Plates - CoroplastX
2Spray Paint Can - Team ColourX
898541822 wire rope clips 1/8"X
BCPBF5813845/8" Flanged Premium BearingX
833394011 Litres of oil 10W30X
011879315/16" x 3/4" Bolt fine threadX
3385815/16" hardened washer (thicker)X

The Build

Teams are challenged to build a go-kart on site within 24 hours,

Framing material is NOT included and must be provided by each team.

The only material provided is what is listed in the kit.

Pits include:

-2 x 120 outlet with a 20 amp breaker
-1 x 240 volt outlet with a 40 amp breaker

Bring your own tools and equipment.

Scheduled Practice Lap Sessions:

A Certification is mandatory before entering the track.

Power is provided for each pit area

2024 Tentative Schedule

July 4th, 2024 - Thursday

Campsite & Pit Setup
6:00 pmCampground opens
6:00 pmPits open
8:00 - 10:00 pmRegistration Open

July 5th, 2024 - Friday

Build Day
8:00 amCanteen open for breakfast
8:00 amRegistration opens
9:00 amMarshal safety and question period (No Building allowed in pits)
Kit Distribution to follow.
10:00 amBuild Off begins
10:00 am to 6:00 pmKids Zone
BMX Track
Boot Toss Practice
4:00 pm - 7:00 pmAlumni Madness
7:00 pm to 8:00 pmPractice Session
8:30 pmThe Revolving Doors
11:00 pmParty

July 6th, 2024 - Saturday

Race Day
8:00 amCanteen opens for breakfast
9:00 amPractice Session
9:30 am to 6:30 pmKid Zone
BMX Track
9:30 am to 11:30 amExcavator Rodeo
10:00 amB Certification opens - All carts to compound
10:00 amKids Bike Race
10:30 amAlumni Playoffs
11:30 amHeat 1 - 100 Laps
1:00 pmBoot Toss (under 16)
1:00 pm to 3:00 pmExcavator Rodeo
1:30 pmHeat 2 - 100 Laps
3:00 pmBoot Toss (Mens)
3:30 pmB Side Finals - 75 Laps
5:00 pmBoot Toss (Womens)
5:30 pmA Side Finals - 100 Laps
7:30 pmTrophy Presentation

July 7th, 2024 - Sunday

9:00 am to 11:00 amFree Community Breakfast
9:00 am - NoonGrounds cleanup
1:00 pmVolunteer lunch

Heats will determine which Finals each team will be in.

1st – 5th move on to A-Side Finals
6th – 10th move on to B-side Finals

For the A finals each team will continue from where they left of in their heats.

The 1st teams in each heat will start the race with 100 laps completed and will have to complete another 100 laps to reach a total of 200 laps.

Now for the 2nd place teams, they will continue racing from the last completed lap after the checkered flag of their heat.   For example team A finishes first with 100 laps and team B is a lap behind and completes their 99th lap just after Team A finished their 100th lap.   Team B will then start with 99 laps in the finals, and will have to complete 101 laps to reach 200 laps.  To win they will have to reach 200 laps before all other teams.

For B finals, the race will start at 0 laps and they will have to complete 75 laps.

Note: Don’t be fooled by the lap differences between 1st and 5th due to a special fuel rule.  Teams are pitting often because they can only put 355 ml of fuel per pit stop.  Some teams will finish the race with a full fuel tank while others may be ahead with an empty tank.

Racing Hard!