Giving Back to the Community

St-Labre 200 is very happy to announce who the Go-Karts Giving Back to the Community Campaign will be supporting this year.  Over the last 7 years, St-Labre 200 has given back over $50,000 to the communities in the region.  Proceeds raised this year through the campaign will benefit:

stars_logoSt-Labre 200 is committed in helping Alain Nadeau off the island in support of STARS.

Alain Nadeau – I’ve been a volunteer Firefighter in La Broquerie for 37  years, Fire Chief for the last 11.  I’ve seen a lot of trauma on our roads, in our fields, in our homes over the years.  I often reflect on some of the past tragic incidents and can’t help but think that if STARS would have been available, 1080.2112939818.customhow many of those lives could have been saved.  They’ve been flying now for over 30 years in Alberta, 4 in Saskatchewan and now 4, for us here in Manitoba.  There is no greater feeling as a Fire Chief, in charge of an accident scene, than seeing that red helicopter land as you’re about to pull a patient out of a mangled car.  At that point, you know that you’ve done your best to make sure that patient receives the BEST.  Please consider donating today to ensure we keep STARS in our Manitoba skies!

LilStepsSt-Labre 200 is commited in helping Lil’ Steps in advancing their mission.

Lil’ Steps will include a variety of programs designed to meet the various needs of children as Equine Facilitated Wellness is especially helpful for children with special needs. Whether the struggle is physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social or behavioral; horses are able to create an excellent learning platform for children. Equine Facilitated Wellness help children to gain a variety of skills for personal growth which impacts their everyday life. Support Lil’ Steps by playing the Calcutta.

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