St-Labre 200 - Go Cart Heaven
  St-Labre 200 ~ Day 1 You Build ~ Day 2 You Race A quick explanation of what this race is all about.

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Thank you to all the teams for registering for the St-Labre 200. If you missed the opportunity to register this year feel free to register to be put on a waiting list.   We will also you let you know of when registration opens for next year. Thank you to everyone!

All 16 teams registered!

 St-Labre 200 Inc. is celebrating their 8th year of go-kart racing and giving back to the community. Be our guest and enjoy the distribution of proceeds towards: Lil Steps Miniatures & Wellness Farm STARS – Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society Come and hear the 2016 success stories Join us at […]

AGM – Celebrate with us!

“ST-LABRE 200  MAIN RACE JULY 9, 2016” RACE TIME:  3:14:40 POSITION                       LAPS 1    Eh Team                    200 2    Greasers                    197 3    Metalmaster             190 4    Los Chaquenos        190 5    […]

Final Results

The St-Labre 200 gathers many people from different regions to laugh, share, and enjoy some good racing fun. You can expect to meet many new people and feel welcomed into the St-Labre 200 family.   The small community atmosphere is great.   Many people come and share there talents or play different […]

What to expect and the St-Labre 200 Checklist